Great features.

Our walking rope has been reinvented to suit the needs of Early Childhood professionals.  A versatile and high quality product designed and made in Canada.

For safe outings with toddlers!

By Natis Design, the textile brand for Childcare Education.

You can also visit our main website at https:/www.natis.ca



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Each module and strap are removable

You can add or replace by individual module later

Your group is not complete? Simply remove a module! No more rope hanging around..

Excellent for multi-age daycare groups


Proudly made in Canada

Durable fabrication that resists toddlers' movements

Durable & waterproof fabric

Superior quality strap


2 in 1 wrist & handle strap

Waist belt for the little ones, special needs children and early years teachers

Possibility of interchanging wrist & belts straps on the same walking rope

Each module is also a pocket

Each module can be used for seating

Practical and safe

Great colorful design

Adequate distance

Proper distance between children

Many walking ropes on the market have too small a distance between each child, which creates a domino effect and the children stumble easily.

Our design has been tested several times to ensure the best possible distance

The module shape also offers the ideal distance between the kids

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